Frequently Asked Questions

1- How do I secure a spot?

In order to secure your spot, payment must be made. We are unable to hold spots without payment

2 - What is a returning team considered?

Returning teams are considered those teams that played in the prior session. If you played in the 1st Summer Session you are considered a returning team only for the 2nd Summer Session. If you played in the 2nd Summer Session you are considered a returning team for the following years 1st Summer Session.

3 - Can a returning team switch nights?

A returning team can only switch nights once the returning teams have been given priority. Once the registration opens up for all teams, your team can switch nights.

4 - How many spots are there?

There are 24 spots each night, but as registration is occurring that may go down as teams fill it.

5 - Do we have to fill out a registration form?

Every team must fill out the full set of registration material even if you have played in the league since the very beginning.

6 - Do you have more questions?

When in doubt please e-mail me!

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